Kids Safe With Dogs has been created to educate children on how to interact with dogs safely with the aim of reducing dog bites in New Zealand

Over the past 10 years we have seen almost a 14% increase in dog bites to children under the age of 14. Did you know that over 2000 children are bitten every year in New Zealand?!?

The statistics are horrifying and something needs to be done to improve child safety around dogs. 

In 2014 The Animals & Society Institute (MI USA) stated - 

“Varied kinds of studies strongly suggest that the most effective way to decrease dog aggression in general may be simply to educate people” 

Our aim is to educate children of all ages on dog safety and how to interact with dogs to reduce these horrifying statistics. Children love Jelly and our other cartoon characters and this makes it easy for them to remember what the programmes teach.  We also get all the children thinking by using scenarios of 'How would you feel if..' 

It is primarily important that any education on dog bite prevention is up to date so we pride ourselves on using the latest research to produce our programmes. Our programmes are also regularly updated as new expertise is discovered. 

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